Academic Policies

Academic Policies for Students of the Center for American Law Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw

October 2022

The Center for American Law Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Warsaw has established the Policies set forth and explained below. The Center for American Law Studies is a joint program of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, Georgia State University College of Law and Emory University School of Law

1. General requirements

To obtain a certificate jointly issued by the University of Warsaw, Georgia State University and Emory University students must:

  • fulfill attendance standards
  • participate in all courses offered during the academic year of the student’s enrollment
  • prepare for classes and
  • timely, according to the honor code standards, and satisfactorily pass all exams given at the end of each course.

2. Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is required from the students.

Class attendance is a primary responsibility of each student, and the right to continue enrollment in a course offered by the Center and the right to take the examination in that course is conditioned upon a record of attendance.

The Center’s standard of attendance policy is that a student may have no more than two absences in classes (2 x 1,5 h) in each two week course and no more than one (1 x 1,5 h) absence in a one week course.

If a student’s absences exceed the permitted number but no more than 5 absences and “good cause” is shown for those absences, then the student in order to satisfactorily complete the course, has to complete an “additional” work assignment given by the professor teaching the course (such as a paper to be written on a subject relevant to the course). Upon turning in the paper and fulfilling all other necessary requirements the student will be considered to have satisfactorily completed the course. If the absences for “good cause” exceeds 5 the students have to in timely manner contact director of the Center.

3. Good Cause

“Good cause” shall be understood to mean serious sickness or injury evidenced by a certificate issued by a medical doctor or a vis major. The medical doctor certificate shall be presented to the administration of the Center in a timely manner but no longer than two weeks after the reason for the absence ceased to exist. Lack of time or work commitments will not be considered as “good cause”.

Events such as academic conferences, moot court competition and training may be considered as “good cause”. The student shall notify the administration of the Center about those events before the time of the events and shall seek the permission to be absent during more than two classes due to these events. If a longer absence (no longer than 5 absences during one modul) is granted due to academic events, a student under those circumstance may also have to prepare an additional paper.

If a student violates the attendance standards, his/her right to continue participation in the Center’s courses shall be determined by the Director of the Center after consulting with the professor teaching the course in question. The decision of the Director may be appealed to the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University.

4. Class preparation

Students must be aware that study at the Center requires a substantial time commitment and preparation for each class. Materials for each course will be provided in an electronic version to each student prior to the commencement of the course. Active participation in class discussions is highly encouraged. Students may be rewarded by professors for active participation in the class. Students may receive negative points   during the course for not being prepared for the class.

5. Examinations

To receive a Certificate, a student must pass all examinations. An exam is given at the end of each two week course. All examinations are written. The format of the written exam (in class, online, closed book, open book, take home, essay, multiple choice) is determined by the professor teaching each course. The format will be announced to students at least two days before the last class.

When a “take home” exam is given, students will have an assigned due date by the professor to submit the exam. All take home exams must be turned in by the due date. Exams submitted after the due date will not be accepted and the student will receive a failing grade, unless the professor or the administration of the Center excuses the delay for “good cause” (see para. 2)

In the case of receiving a failing grade, the student may take the exam one more time. The student shall contact the administration of the Center to set a date to retake the exam in a timely manner but not later than two weeks after the announcement of the grades. If the student will contact the administration after the two week period, a retake of the exam may not be granted unless the student presents a good cause for the delay (see para. 2). If the student fails to fulfill his/her obligation to retake the exam in a timely manner, she/he will receive a failing grade.

If a student misses an exam without a justified reason (see above), she/he may take the exam on another date set up with the administration of the Center but she /will obtain a failing grade from the first exam.

6. Grades

The exam grading scale for the Center is as follows:

A very good (5.0)
A -very good minus (4.75)
B +good plus (4.5)
B good (4.0)
B – good minus (3.75)
C+ satisfactory plus (3.5)
C satisfactory (3)
C-satisfactory minus (2.75)
D failing grade
Grade “ C- “is the lowest passing grade.

7. Certificates

At the end of the year students who satisfactorily pass all courses will receive a Certificate issued jointly by Emory University School of Law, Georgia State University College of Law and the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. The Certificate will include a statement in English about completion of the course and the student’s average grade. The grade which appears on the certificate are the following: excellent (celujacy), very good (bards dobry), good (bards dobry), satisfactory (dostateczny). No pluses and minuses will be reflected on the Certificate

8. Unethical behavior

The following behaviors are not accepted in the Center.

  • Having another student sign an attendance sheet or signing an attendance sheet for another student
  • Looking at another student’s answers during an examination for the purpose of taking advantage of that student’ work;
  • Bringing unauthorized assistance into examination room;
  • Working with another student on a take-home test or writing project when prohibited by the professor;
  • Giving another student unauthorized assistance during an examination;
  • Writing an assigned paper for another student;
  • Handing in a paper written by another student or purchased or obtained from another source and representing it as one’s own;
  • Plagiarism: Relying on another’s work without giving proper credit;
  • Receiving and giving unauthorized assistance while taking a delayed exam.

9. Honor System

The Honor System adopted by the partner universities – Georgia State University and Emory University shall constitute the standard for guiding the behavior of students at the Center.

Honor Code of Emory University students 

Honor Code Emory

The Honor Code of students of Georgia State University 

Code of Conduct GSU

All students participating in the Center must study this documents and in case of questions they shall contact the administration of the Center to explain the standard. All students must sign the affidavit, before the first class starts, that they are familiar with the Academic Policies and that they will behave, while they study in the Center, according to the Academic Policies.

10. Contact with the Administration of the Center

In case of any question, as well as circumstances which may cause a hardship in fulfilling the requirements set up in the Academic Policies, students are encouraged to contact the administration of the Center at the earliest possible time.

Director of the Center for American Law Studies – dr. hab. Ewa Gmurzyńska,
e mail:

Assistant of the Program- mgr Katarzyna Tchórzewska,

Phone: +48 22 5525920, +48 22 5525923
Address: Lipowa 4, 00-316 Warszawa, room 2.5